About us

Our Mission 

To become the most powerful coffee in the Galaxy! But how do we do this?


It all starts with a single bean. We scour the galaxy for the finest crop and after some “aggressive negotiations” (usually involving a blaster), we secure our bounty and head back to Earth. By working directly with roasters in a territory known as the United Kingdom, we are able to sift through and eliminate the weak minded beans. What is left, will go on to complete the roasting process and become the finest imperial coffee ever produced.


It is not enough to produce great coffee, we need great packaging. Did you know that all our packaging is recyclable?

This forms part of our galactic pledge, to create packaging which has the smallest impact on our planet. After all it is in The Empire’s interest to create a sustainable planet. In doing so we can continue to rule over the galaxy with our ‘plastic free’ iron fist.

Even The Dark Lord himself is an eco warrior, he hates single use plastics which is why he has worn the same mask for over 40 years.


In order to maintain peace and order throughout the galaxy we have created coffee subscriptions. These will allow you to go about your business while we do all the hard work in the background.

We’ll deliver your coffee every month - so you can serve the empire everyday. For those on subscriptions we’ll introduce collectable packaging and exclusive designs. As well as bringing you new coffees from unchartered regions.

As a coffee subscriber and friend of The Empire you will always be the first to hear about new products and always get the biggest discounts. If you've heard enough and are ready to begin the jump to light speed then click here to browse through our current subscriptions.