Galactic Pledge

'To create the biggest and most powerful coffee brand in the galaxy, whilst having the smallest impact on our planet. Through sustainable packaging, fairly traded coffee and long lasting customer relationships we will help to inspire and change the way we think about, consume and live on this planet.'

This is our galactic pledge; our promise as a company that we will always work for the good of this planet and not to destroy it.

The coolest coffee in the galaxy doesn’t go to landfill!

Now don't get us wrong because we love plastic, our childhood memories are built on it and The Original Stormtrooper is a part of that. However as a coffee company we are aware of the amount of un-recyclable plastic that is used in the packaging of products - most of this is because coffee bags contain hard plastic valves and re-sealable clips. However we feel that not enough action is being taken to explore new ideas and to stop the continuous build up of landfill in this world. This is why we have decided to start a new journey, forging our own path through the world of recyclable packaging. We have taken a longer road than most to get to a starting point that sees us do something that 99% of coffee companies simply will not … ensure every single product is 100% recyclable at home. We have done this from day one! 

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