Empire Roast - Christmas Offer
Empire Roast - Christmas Offer

Empire Roast - Christmas Offer

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Congratulations on receiving the best Christmas present in the entire galaxy! 

Hopefully Christmas is here and you’ve already opened and tried our fantastic coffee! We hope you like the mug and will become a regular visitor to our website. 

Our subscribers are always the first to know when we launch new products and they always get the best discounts! So stick around after your trial has ended because we’re still offering you an unbeatable 25% off The Empire Roast coffee going forward. 

We’ve got big plans for 2022 and they all revolve around you! Our loyal fans! Without your support we couldn’t exist and we thank you for supporting us even by just reading this. 
Hopefully you’ll go one step further and check out some of our awesome merchandise; we got incredible T-shirts, soon to launch hoodies and even more mugs than you have cupboard space for!

We’re creating limited edition original art prints as part of our fresh coffee collections and as subscribers you’ll know instantly when these hits the store! checkout our current series Strike Back when you’ve finished signing up! 

About this coffee

In case you haven’t tried it yet - we’ll let you in on a little secret, it’s the best coffee in the galaxy! A premium micro ground that has been designed for busy people like you who like us… just want to go about our business… are we right? 
It’s a medium roast with light and fruity tasting notes. The perfect Americano style coffee that will always hit the target. 
So you don’t run low we’ve made sure you get at least 50 servings per tin (but that’s only if you follow our direct instructions). 

We do not recommend this for rebel use and if you ever wanted to add some cool merchandise to your order then we’ll ship it free (assuming you get past £25). 

Now we may seem all evil what with our blasters and always rounding people up at the behest of our dark lord - but truly we’re a nice brand. We’ve got our very own galactic pledge if you’d like to read more about us which incorporates our mission statement and tells you a little bit about our story. It’s a crazy journey that came about by complete accident. 

About the subscription

We’re not holding you prisoner here. All we ask is that you commit to 3 months of the best coffee in the galaxy for just £3 a tin… is it so much to ask? If you’re really not a fan after this time… we’ll let you go free! However we cannot guarantee you the same level of discount if you were to rejoin us at a later point. Sometimes the first deal is the best one. 

Anyway we’ve talked enough and if you’ve been patient and caring enough to read everything we’ve written so far then your clearly a very clever person who always waits for the end of credits scene because we’re giving you a secret (don’t tell anyone) code for 10% off almost anything in the store. Type ISTAYEDTOTHEEND at the checkout when making a purchase. Now this doesn’t work on the instant because that would just be giving it away when it’s already 50% off but you can order anything else you like (except original artwork) and you have until February to do it. This code will expire on Feb 14th 2022 at midnight. So if you see anything you like then add it to the basket because how many other people are reading this just like you right now? And we don’t have enough cool merch for every stormtrooper lovin coffee fanatic in the galaxy! 

Thanks again for being such a trooper, without you there would be no Original Stormtrooper Coffee and that doesn’t sound like a world we’d ever want to be apart of. 


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