Cold Brew Kit
Cold Brew Kit
Cold Brew Kit

Cold Brew Kit

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Serve the Empire … ice cold. 

Introducing Cold Brew. 

The smoothest brew in the galaxy is now entering a new dimension. You can enjoy your favourite coffee (Empire Roast) as a cold brew coffee. 

What is cold brew?

You may have already heard about Cold Brew but even if you haven’t it’s worth stating that it’s probably the best way to enjoy freshly roasted coffee!

You make the coffee cold (not hot) by leaving it for 12-24 hours to steep in water. This method is great because as the coffee infuses with water it develops a unique taste that is mellow, smooth and ultra refreshing. No harsh coffee taste with this method ... just a super smooth brew that makes a great all day drinker.

In every cold brew pack we sell will be our secret recipe card to getting the best version of Cold Brew and if you transfer it to another container after it’s made it will even last a few days in the fridge. 

All Cold Brew kits come with:

2 x pouches of the Empire Roast (25 bags in each pouch). Enough to make 50 Cold Brews!

1 x Original Mug

1 x Collectable postcard

1 x Secret recipe card

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