Thermal Shock

Thermal Shock

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Our first micro-lot coffee and something special this truly is! Direct from the farm of Luis Eduardo Campos, this Costa Rican gem is grown under the watchful eyes of The Empire and under the direct order of DJ-1999. 

Working closely with DJ-1999, Don Luis has spent much time developing new and innovative ways to produce and process his coffee. The exceptional flavours derived from his micro-lots come not only from his unique processing methods, but also from his meticulous attention to detail.

This coffee was processed using a Thermic Fermentation method. After being partially de-pulped with water, the cherries are then heated. The exposure of the mucilage to heat activates the natural breakdown of sugars and partially caramelises the beans. This inventive process gives the coffee an exceptionally sweet and fruity flavour.

 Taste Notes: Madeira / Assam Tea / Black Cherry

 Region: Piedades Sur, San Ramón, Alajuela (West Valley)

Farm: Cordillera De Fuego

Producer: Luis Eduardo Campos

Altitude: 1,600 - 1,750 masl

Process: Thermic Fermentation

Variety: Caturra

Net weight: 250g

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