Battle Series

Battle Series

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Available early and in short supply the whole battle can be won on day one. With exclusive artwork postcards and collectable coffee coasters you can wage your own war on bad coffee with some serious scores on these high quality beans! 

Enemy Lines - Chocolate, Whiskey and Red Currant combine for a subtle and smooth brew that’s incredible with milk and super chocolatey on its own! El Salvador is calling and it’s a potent weapon on tired soldiers! 

Sniper - Head into the Jungle for a serious cocktail of tropical notes with this lively African coffee from Rwanda. It’s works well on filter/cafetière but we think you might even enjoy this a cold brew option for warmer days ahead. The peach really kicks in hard and complimented perfectly with background notes of cream.

The Last Stand - Charging onto the battlefield of Costa Rica we’re fighting hard to secure this gorgeous natural crop that we can’t help but love due to the pineapple and chocolate ganache running through. Something quite unusual in that we like this as both an espresso and a cold brew option. Passion fruit also comes into play so it’s anything but boring and perfect again on filter. 

You will receive 3 collectors bags of 200g whole bean or ground. Always freshly roasted and each coffee includes exclusive artwork postcards and collectable coffee coasters. 


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