The Teetotal Stormtrooper #13

The Teetotal Stormtrooper #13

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No alcohol for this soldier he's strictly teetotal! The Shadow prowls the city at night looking for crime, he can't see too well (it's night time) but his sense of smell is excellent and he particularly enjoys a good coffee! 

Why not join us for a little break this January and start your own teetotal adventure? We've partnered up with Alcohol Change UK to bring some much needed awareness to the effects of drinking and we'd like to invite you to be the MAN or WOMAN without beer this month. It goes without saying that health is improved when alcohol is absent but it can also improve mood and mental health too. Not to mention the much needed financial savings it can bring.

Speaking of money, we will be donating 50p from every teetotal tin sold during this month to help fund the great work done by this charity. You can read about their mission below.

‘Alcohol Change UK focuses entirely on reducing alcohol harm, working across the whole range of serious alcohol harms, from mental and physical to societal and economic. Driven by our vision of a world with no serious alcohol harm, we also support those who need help with their drinking through our digital information hub and Try Dry app and improve drinking behaviour through Dry January® and Alcohol Awareness campaigns.’

For more information please visit

About the coffee

The smoothest brew in the galaxy! A premium micro-ground instant coffee designed for busy people who go about their business. This is a medium roast with light and fruity tasting notes. A perfect Americano style coffee that always hits the target! 100g - 50 servings per tin. 

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